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                 Hawaiian Recipes

Hawaiian recipes have an authentic touch that blends a mixture of cultures to make dishes with exotic flavors. All the recipes we share bring a taste of Hawaii that will have your taste buds craving for more; one plate is just not enough!

The most popular Hawaiian recipes are of course truly Hawaiian. But us local people, we learned that adding a Hawaiian touch to other cultural dishes made it “local kine” and ONO! (Delicious)

Hawaiian International Celebrations will be sharing the recipes of dishes that came from the people that migrated in the early 1800's & 1900's to work in the plantations. Chinese, Portuguese, Japanese, Spanish, Puerto Rican, Korean, and Filipino were all contracted to work on the Islands. This blend of cultures created the many ono dishes that we can provide at your own special luau.

                                  Recipes of a Hawaiian Luau



            All the ambience we create is different like the Islands surrounding with lighting to bring in the beautiful sunset.

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